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Self-Publishing Resource: Joanna Penn

Joanna Penn is a best-selling thriller author, as well as a best-selling non-fiction author with focus on creative entrepreneurship and internet marketing as a writer's resource. I have personally found her YouTube videos extremely helpful in regards to clarifying the marketing world of independent authorship.

While writing and illustrating The Curse of the Unending Sneeze for the last month, I would play her YouTube interviews as 'background music' to my work. This way I could be somewhat knowledgeable about the challenges I would face as an independent writer, and how to deal with them when the challenges presented themselves - all while getting some illustrations done. On her channel she interviews other successful independent authors about writing, marketing, editing, the creative process, and more - all focused around self-publishing. She does podcasts and classes that I'm sure are incredibly useful, though I have not checked them out myself. 

I have employed much of her advice as well as the advice of her interviewees in launching my first book. If self-publishing is something you may be interested in, I suggest you check out her website, or at least her YouTube channel. One month ago I was completely inexperienced and had no idea where to begin with self-publishing. Joanna's resources provided much needed insight.

You can find Joanna Penn online at