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Picture Books I Enjoyed As a Kid Pt. 2

This next book to be featured is The Berenstain Bears and The Truth. Although the moral of the story is kind of overbearing, it didn't seem to bother me when I was little. It kind of put things in perspective to be honest. The book starts with the two bear children playing ball in the house (if I remember correctly), and they accidentally break a lamp. Mom comes home after the fact wondering what happened and the bear cubs make up a story that becomes increasingly exaggerated and inconsistent. Mom knows they're lying, and they find out she would have been less upset had they just told her the truth. It's a classic moral that everyone has heard a million times, but it's an important moral nonetheless. My parents bought many books of the Berenstain Bears series, but this one sticks out in my memory the most. I remember liking all of them; however, in mentioning the series to friends it seems the books have come under scrutiny after the son of the original authors gained full authorship in 2012. Regardless, there are plenty of good Berenstain Bears books available that pre-date the change. The new ones could be great for all I know. Also, the bird in the book was cool.